You Are Not Who You Think I Am (2017)

You Are Not Who You Think I Am, 2017

Two-channel video with overlapping projections, 18:48.

Exhibited at Becoming Posthuman, Studio@550, Cambridge, MA.

The installation runs on an 18-minute loop, using two overlapping projections of an Alien who has just landed on a processing centre. The Alien is prepared in the sanitary, industrial space, donning a thick polyester suit and moon boots, as its face is painted white.


=== The installation explores the aesthetics of purification, dividuation and data capture as humans are stratified into discrete categories for identification. These categories -- from the imposition of rigid racial description for censuses or qualifications in points-based immigration systems -- structure the identity of the subject at the point of data capture. The conflicting projections produce an array of multi-coloured aberrations on the screen, touching upon the materiality of such digitisation processes that cannot be taken for granted.

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