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Essays, profiles & criticism

Purity Theatre: On the Politics of Air Circulation

Spike Art Magazine, January 2022.


Assembly’s co-founders share the lessons they learned from their first NFT drops / British Journal of Photography, December 2021.


Why creatives should care about NFTs: a primer

It's Nice That, May 2021.

Tiger Dingsun: how poetry and graphic design reproduces inarticulable feelings

It's Nice That, March 2021.

A Visit to the Mausoleum

School of Commons, November 2020.

Dr. Kami Fletcher on Why Death Studies Should be Radical

School of Commons, November 2020.

An Etalage: Three Ways of Dying

School of Commons, November 2020.

Somnath Bhatt: intuition, labour, and relinquishing individuality

It's Nice That, November 2020.

Carrier Nodes

Running Dog / Issue 2: Crowd The Revolution, July 2020.

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons the answer to renewing our creative energy?

It's Nice That, May 2020.

Just Put Me in the Recycling Bin Already

Residency 11:11, Garden, Cook, Sing, May 2020.

For Elliot

Site Projects, April 2020.

What to expect from the next year in…Creativity and Technology

It's Nice That, January 2020.

Polly Tootal shows us the complexity of living in the liminal space

Project text, December 2019.

How Dave Hughes’ Adult Swim show became a haven for the world’s weirdest content

It's Nice That, December 2019.

Utopian Overreach.

Real Life, November 2019.

Turning 3,700 images into one winner: how the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is decided

It's Nice That, November 2019.

Non-Descript Media Authoring

Food& Magazine / issue 4: Food& Losers, October 2019.

Where Have I Seen You Before -- On Deepfakes

Isthisit? / issue 6, January 2019.


Elastic Magazine / volume 3, December 2018.

X Currently Resides in Cambridge

Boston Art Review / volume 1, April 2018.

Light Spells: Films by Sandy Ding

Boston Hassle, August 2017.

The Kalampag Tracking Agency

Boston Hassle, May 2017.

Press & talks

Theorizing the Web 2020: Diminishing Returns

Theorizing the Web, with Rob Arcand, Oct 2020.

Interview: Alif Ibrahim

Buah Zine, April 2020.

Why the News Have Become Untrustworthy

It's Nice That, March 2019.

Becoming Posthuman

Boston Art Review, November 2017.

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