Non-Descript Media Authoring (2019)


Non-Descript Media Authoring (link) is a work of digital fiction created as part of the online residency at Isthisit? in three chapters. An old, familiar assistant meets the User for a short update on its life throughout its dormant years. Set in a fictional location called The Liminal Space, the User is taken through archives of discarded diagrams, unclear images and nonhuman photographs that the assistant calls Non-Descript Media Objects that the frail yet flippant assistant has created to fill its time.

=== Despite narratives of increasing adoption of and empowerment through technology, theorists such as Alexander Galloway, Phil Agre, Christian Ulrik Andersen and Søren Bro Pold suggest the presence of constraints  underscoring these technologies when used productively. The effects of this can be seen in the homogenising aesthetic and function of images, from food to amateur photography.


=== Although generating new ways of seeing have always been part of an artist’s toolbox, this piece directly asks questions about how these ways of seeing have been imposed upon us while simultaneously creating an imaginary strict boundary of what defines an interface. Featuring unclear images of food -- blurred, jarring, and unedited -- the piece is an intimate exploration of the networked image and obliging digital assistants that challenges structuralist readings of new media. The online piece is accompanied by a manifesto for creating unclear images as a form of radical digital practice.

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