Autolysis Agents (2019)


Humachine Relations series

C-Type prints on metallic paper

Autolysis Agents (online residency link) is a research-based artistic project made as Digital Artist Residency's Emerging Artist in Residency program in 2019. The project starts from a simple question: How can we form new ways to relate to technology? Autolysis, as an act of self-splitting like you'd find in autolyzed yeast serves as a model of technological relation, replicating with no care for its observer.


=== With both and online and offline exhibition investigating models of human-machine relations, digital labour and transparency in computing, the project questions the current dominant model that takes users-programmers-software-hardware as distinct entities. Ultimately a proposal for a new way of relating to technology, the online project draws on the works of Yuk Hui, Karen Barad, Lucy Suchman, Aimé Césaire and critiques Marshall McLuhan, continuing the practice of creating images undecipherable to humans that makes complete computational sense. The physical exhibition involves a semi-transparent cast resin supported by hundreds of black finger cots that are commonly used by book scanners - underpaid workers, mostly of colour, who digitising bound books page by page for online library projects. 


=== How we relate to technology comes from our mythologies, so how can there only be one way of producing technology? The current promise of digitisation forgets that it is a remediation of colonial technologies. Mass book digitisation requires books to be literally destroyed, or its topography and contours to be flattened like old colonial cartography that was used to erase knowledges and people by flattening mountains. 

Humachine Relations series

C-Type prints on metallic paper


Transparency, Too is a Myth (Black)

Epoxy resin, plaster, brass hooks, latex finger cots, nylon string, inkjet paper

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