A Guided Meditation (2016)

A Guided Meditation, 2016

Livestream event, 02:13

Created in collaboration with CJ Park

Installed as a livestream eventA Guided Meditation is a short experimental film that answers the following question: What might healing look like in a networked society? The installation draws upon the language of guided meditative healing to shed light on the connection between the self and the internet as a networked space, but also working with the ideas of such activities becoming corporatised. Decontextualised tropes of nature and chakra animations harmonise with Windows icons against an ambient time-stretched Windows 7 start-up sound. The new age zen experience is a transcendental one in this world. Being a livestreamed installation means that the healing is constrained temporally, serving as an update to early video art pieces such as Nam June Paik's TV Buddha through the framework of net art from the now-canon Simple Net Art Diagram

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